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Curious About Cryptocurrency but Don’t Know Where to Start?

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With Bitcoin busting through its record high price ceiling at $5,000.00 yesterday, you can feel the general curiosity and buzz peaking, even despite naysayers like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan...
Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites: What They Are and Why You Need One

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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “responsive website”? If you’re anything like me, you might be picturing some sort of computer/robot hybrid that can talk back to…

Content Management Systems

Choosing the Right CMS: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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If your website was a Hollywood movie, then your Content Management System (CMS) would be where all the behind-the-scenes footage came from. The CMS is a software package that enables…

Den Web Design

How Google Analytics Can Boost Your Creativity

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Reason vs. Emotion, Science vs. Myth, Math vs. English. Call it what you will, we are all used to seeing logic and creativity pitted against each other. The truth is,…

Den Web Design

128-bit SSL Certificates: Your Website’s Safety Blanket

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When I speak to my in-laws about shopping online, they look at me like I have a second head. “Shopping online isn’t safe!” they exclaim. “Don’t you know that Anonymous…

Den Web Design

Let’s Get Social: Solid Social Media & SEO Practices

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When you think about it, your website is a lot like a teenager. It wants to get out and socialize, spreading its message with everyone and anyone that it can….

Den Web Design

Being Seen: Why SEO is Important to Your Website

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When you design a web page, it’s because you want to be seen, because you have something to convey to your readers. What you have to say is important, we…

Den Web Design

Don’t Fall Victim to the Cookie Monster

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Don’t Fall Victim to the Cookie Monster C is for cookie!  Do your devices and browsers have cookies?  Most likely they do, unless you have been vigilant about regularly clearing…

Den Web Design

So Easy Your Mom Can Do It!

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The Password Game Do you find yourself using the same password for all of your accounts?  Is it “Password123” or maybe it is your favorite pet’s name or even your…