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WordPress is, without a doubt, the most popular way to create websites on the Internet, regardless of the size, market, or audience of your business.  Here are five simple answers for why you should consider using the WordPress CMS (content management system).

1. WordPress Is Easy As Pie:

Yeah, the foremost reason to choose WordPress is always its sheer simplicity. WordPress gives you the power to create your own website and customize it according to your needs without any prior knowledge about web development such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Even people who lack enough exposure to managing a website can learn using WordPress in no time. The platform comes with themes that do most of the formatting and styling part on your behalf. The entire interface is intuitive.

2. WP Expands Subscribers:

Expanding the number of subscribers and total reach are crucial objectives for small businesses. Fortunately, WordPress helps a lot in that regard. WordPress provides a built-in RSS feature that allows users to subscribe to the website. WordPress also provides highly-customizable pop-ups and forms to build a mailing list and subscribers for newsletters, which can be linked via plugins to mailing platforms such as MailChimp. Both these methods, if used correctly, can exponentially improve your conversion rate.

3. WP Has Flexibility:

One cool thing about WordPress is that it could be accessed and customized from anywhere and any device. For small businesses, which do not have a dedicated team to handle websites and often depend on a single person, this is a great aid. It allows you to change and update content on your website on-the-go, using any device.  Your WordPress website will be “flexible” in that it responds to whatever device that the site is being viewed on.  For more on responsive websites, you can see our post here:

4. WP Is Low Cost With High Benefits:

WordPress itself is completely free! For small businesses that are running on a tight budget, hearing the word free is likely music to your ears. All you need to do is to install it on your website or locally on your device, and you are good to go. Even if you decide to host and create your website on WordPress it is largely free, although we recommend registering a domain separately and hosting with a third-party provider.  Contact us today if you would like support in doing either of these things.  There are a multitude of domain registrars and hosting providers, which might seem overwhelmingly, and we will be discussing the subject more in subsequent posts.

5. WP Has A Large Online Community:

One of the interesting reasons why WordPress is so successful is its community. The open-source platform has attracted thousands of WordPress enthusiasts who often give valuable suggestions for the platform. So how does it benefit a business owner? Well, it is easy to get overwhelmed by something new to you, like a CMS. You would find yourself in a spot where you don’t know how to overcome a particular technical hurdle on your website. In times like these, the WordPress community comes into play. There are many forums and groups online that would be happy to help you out.  And of course, if you would rather just hire it all out, Den Web Design is a great one-stop-shop for web development in Denver, Colorado or anyone else in the US or around the globe.  Message us today for a quote and consultation.

And if you want to hear what others think about WordPress, see this article from BlueHost that details their opinion:

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