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WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, and there are a plenitude of reasons for that!  One reason for WordPress’s popularity is how easy it is to create a website.  But just because it is easy doesn’t mean you should do it; sometimes cheap is just that – CHEAP.  A WordPress developer is a designer and/or web developer who specializes in using the best of WordPress to create dynamic, fast, sexy, and secure websites. So why is it better to go with WordPress developers instead of doing it on your own?  Here’s a short list.

1. WordPress Developers Are Efficient:

Let’s start with the basic fact: WordPress is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite its rather easy interface, some people struggle with how the software, tools, and plugins function. This is nothing to be embarrassed about since a lot of business owners come from a completely non-technical background. However, if that is the case, it is always best to hire a WordPress developer. WP developers have hacked away at the code and interface for literally thousands of years and are still learning new things.  Imagine trying to build a house after watching a YouTube video on AutoCAD; sure you could probably assemble a house with four walls but would you really want to live there?

2. A WordPress Developer Can Customize:

Not everything you need by way of themes and design might be available from WordPress without any alteration or customization. Some businesses have unique requirements which cannot be fulfilled by the generic themes, extensions, and plugins. A WordPress developer, however, can write custom code and utilize plugins to suit your needs. The same could be done for the whole website to better serve your business goals.  Out of the box, WordPress themes are super basic and are yet another time-consuming decision you will have to make if you try to go this road alone.  See for yourself some Sample WordPress Themes here.

3. A WordPress Developer Will Stick to a Deadline:

When working on your own, people don’t always realize what exactly they need to do. There is also rarely a concept of deadlines. However, this isn‘t the case with professional WordPress developers. When you hire a WP developer, the first thing you would have to do is tell him all your requirements for the website. Based on the work involved, the developer would let you know a realistic deadline. With a professional WP developer, you can be assured that your website is completed within the deadline and fulfilling all the requirements you asked for.

4. A WordPress Developer is An Expert:

Professional WordPress developers must have worked on dozens and perhaps hundreds of WordPress websites in the past. As such, they have knowledge from experience regarding which features and functionalities would work best with a particular website. They also come with a portfolio of past websites they have created. As the owner of the website, you can benefit greatly from this expertise.

5. A WordPress Developer Will Optimize Your Website:

More than just creating a website, a WordPress developer can include features that could optimize it. For example, he can include plugins for SEO that would help in making your website content search engine optimized and drive traffic. He can also include tools for web analytics that would allow you to understand your web traffic.  Getting found on the internet has much more to do with how a site is built that what is on it; while the look of a site is of great importance, what is behind the scenes so to speak can make or break a business.  If you want to know more about SEO, see our blog series:

So contact Den Web Design and Save Yourself the Brain Damage.

Your website should match your brand. It should also have all the important features that you may specifically need for your website, such as a live chat feature, professionally designed footer area, beautiful sidebars with some particular elements such as an event calendar, an embedded social page plugin etc. All these can be done without any hassles if you hire a WordPress developer. WordPress developers might cost you more money up front, but will absolutely save you time and money in the long run.

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