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The Password Game

Do you find yourself using the same password for all of your accounts?  Is it “Password123” or maybe it is your favorite pet’s name or even your birthday…?

According to The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report more than 60% of breaches were the result of bad or weak passwords.  When it comes to protecting your PII, one of the best things you can is one of the oldest and most basic – create strong, variegated passwords.

Reality Check

Now where does that leave us with regards to our day to day access of our accounts?  Are we making them so secure that we are not even able to login ourselves.  While it is indeed true the MOST secure password is one that you don’t even know, it is not realistic to have dozens of different 16 digit passwords memorized.

The Solution

That is where a password manager comes into play.  There are a ton of options available – you can compare all of the features in this PC Mag Article – to find out what works best for managing all of your accounts.  And if you would like to know what I am using, feel free to email me anytime.

The truth is that the most secure password is one that you don’t even know – instead, you can memorize a single password that will unlock a vault that contains all of your more complex and secure passwords.  This practice can and will save you from a security breach and is something so easy that your mom can do it.

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