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If you’re considering rebranding, chances are that you’re already sensing something isn’t working with your current brand or website.  Of course, rebranding is a big commitment, and it can be challenging to know when and if it’s necessary. Here are four of our top reasons to take the plunge and give your brand a makeover.

1. Your logo and/or website looks out of date

Just like in the fashion world, trends in web design can change at lightning speed. What was cool five, or even three, years ago probably isn’t cool now. Websites can quickly look dated in their color scheme, style, site navigation, interactive features, and general layout. As much as people want to believe that you can’t judge a book by its cover, the majority of us do just that. You might be offering the best product in the world, but if your website looks behind-the-times, you may lose business to competitors with sleeker styling.

If your site and your logo are looking tired, a complete overhaul may be just the thing to give you a fresh start and a current look. Does this mean you need to completely rebrand every three years? Probably not. Once you have a better base to build on, you should be able to make tweaks and adjustments on a regular basis to keep up with trends without having to reinvent the wheel every few years.

2. Your mission has changed

Say you’re a photographer who started out doing weddings, new baby shoots, and family portraits. Over time, you’ve realized that photographing animals is infinitely more satisfying than crying babies or bossy brides. You’d like to focus on pet portraits. Now you have a website that highlights all kinds of work you really aren’t interested in doing anymore.

You could just remove other types of shots from your portfolio, but chances are high that people will still remember your name and logo as a general photographer. The most effective way to communicate your new mission is to rebrand with a new logo and a new look that will help you move on from previous versions of your business and make a fresh start.

3. Your key demographic has changed

Changing the company’s mission often also changes the demographic you are trying to reach. Let’s go back to the example of the photographer who wants to specialize in pet portraits. As a wedding photographer, you might have built a feminine, romantic website to appeal to brides. Now that you’re focusing on four-legged models, you need a site targeted at pet owners. And not just any pet owners. The kind of pet owners that are willing to spend money having their furry family members immortalized. Pet owners who aren’t necessarily drawn in by a romantic aesthetic.

Tools like Google Analytics are helpful in figuring out what demographic you’re already reaching. You can use this information to determine if rebranding might be necessary to reach your target group.

4. Your existing site does not clearly communicate who you are and what you are about

Maybe nothing has fundamentally changed about your brand or about your company. But does your website clearly communicate your mission and values? According to the Nielson Norman Group, the average viewer only spends 30 seconds on a website. This means that the average person is not going to click through a bunch of pages to find your company’s mission statement. The landing page alone has to be enough to communicate what your product or service is and some sense of what your brand has to offer. If your site can’t communicate who you are and what you are about in 30 seconds, then it might be time to rebrand.

Think you need to rebrand?

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